Toll Holdings Intermodal, Rous Head Fremantle


Project: Toll Holdings Intermodal, Rous Head Fremantle

CLIENT: Ahrens Pty Ltd

SIZE: 27,000M²

VALUE: $1,200,000.00

DURATION: 4 weeks

Australia’s largest mover of freight, Toll Group, recently constructed a $20 million intermodal freight facility at the Port of Fremantle to offer importers and exporters access to its unmatched national freight network.

Since utilising heavy duty machine laid interlocking pavers in previous developments, Toll Group have experienced the many benefits this solution offers by using it in their heavy duty container hardstand areas.

ACP Hardstand Solutions were asked to increase production on this development due to our client needing the container hardstand earlier than scheduled, so three paving machines were operated to meet Toll Group’s mandate.  By laying up to 2,600m² per day, and with 440 tonnes of pavers being delivered daily, the 18,000m² container area was completed in 9 days.  Containers were subsequently placed on the hardstand within a few days and the balance of paving around the warehouse was completed in a 2 week period.

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