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How much cheaper and faster to install than concrete? Reduced maintenance costs and recycling possibilities? Are pavers more environmentally friendly than concrete? Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) regarding ACP Hardstand Solutions pavers:

Q: What makes paving a smarter option than concrete?
A: Superior physical properties of pavers provide longer pavement life, reduced maintenance costs and extend the replacement cycle while conserving the use of raw materials. Paving can be lifted if there are any unseen problems or extra services in the future.

Q: Are there any restrictions in colour and texture?
A: Paving comes in a range of different colours and textures and also allows for different borders.

Q: Why are Pavers more cost affective?
A: The superior time saving on installation, product is manufactured of site by company’s who manufacture 24 hours per day, no on site batching, minimal amount of waste.

Q: What about cracking or raveling?
A: Pavers will not crack in the future. Elimination of surface failure issues. Concrete pavers are factory made thereby eliminating raveling that can occur on site-formed pavements. Pavers are tested to Australian Standards prior to being dispatched from the manufacturer.

Q: What about maintenance, why are pavers easier to maintain than concrete?
A: ACP Machine laid pavers are easy to lift, relay or replace and you can use straight away once compacted, not curing or waiting time.

Q: Can paving be recycled and reused?
A: Yes. In the example of a mining project, once the mine life expires and reclamation process takes place, it is easier to lift paving, recycle and reuse. Alternatively if concrete had been used it would require breaking up and have the reinforced steel to dispose of at substantial time and cost.

Q: Will laying pavers save time and money?
A: The average time of installation is at least 35% quicker than using concrete. That reduces labour costs, which in term reduce project costs.

Q: Is there any wastage?
A: There is much less waste than concrete, so if a project gets held up there’s no concrete to mix and waste. You can utilise any chipped, broken or off cut pavers for smaller cuts.

Q: Will pavers tolerate tough industrial conditions?
A: This type of pavement will absorb stress such as small earthquakes, freezes and thaws, and slight ground erosion by flexing. Therefore, they do not easily crack, break or buckle like poured asphalt or poured concrete. Paving is a flexible pavement solution and if anything should arise any rectification would be minimal, with little cost and minimal down time.

Q: Can pavers provide a low maintenance solution?
A: If your hardstand project demands a system that will lower maintenance requirements and use less energy over its life, ACP Hardstand Solutions machine-laid pavers are the answer.

Q: Are pavers versatile enough?
A: Pavers provide enormous versatility in material function and design.

Q: What about environmental sustainability?
A: Concrete pavers improve the quality of life for an environment and its users. Concrete pavers provide sustainable ecological solutions proven to last.

For more information on why pavers are the smarter option, or for answers to any questions you may have regarding the use of ACP Hardstand Solutions pavers on your project, contact Ian Carswell, National Sales & Business Development Manager on 0433 190 436