ACP Maintenance

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ACP Hardstand Solutions can provide a maintenance package for any one of our projects on completion to suit your needs and budget. Unlike steel-reinforced concrete, the most common break down of a paved area can be avoided by some simple maintenance practices performed professionally and with very little inconvenience to day to day operations.

By keeping the maintenance on your paving area to a high standard the paved area will perform better and last longer. Regular inspections are essential to identify incipient problems. The modular nature of paving facilitates spot repairs, so major maintenance of large surface areas can be avoided provided prompt action is taken to fix small, localised issues.  Our maintenance programme can revitalise your development, ensuring the highest quality as it was when first constructed.

As a general rule, paving requires little, if any, maintenance. However, from a safety perspective, and overall peace of mind, our maintenance division can tailor an ongoing programme that best suits your needs.  Depending on the cover agreed, the innovative ACP Maintenance service provides documented quarterly or bi-yearly checks and necessary rectification of minor issues should they arise. This regular check ensures your development is kept in its highest working order.

For more information on ACP Maintenance solutions contact Ian Carswell, National Sales & Business Development Manager on 0433 190 436