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ACP Hardstand Solutions operate across all Australian mainland and offshore locations.

Machine-laid concrete paving is increasingly considered to be a practical alternative to asphalt or pavement-quality concrete for use in large areas. Although the engineering benefits of the technique of manual installation are accepted in principle, factors such as higher prices and the slower pace of manually laid projects deter contractors from including brick paving in their tenders. The much faster production rates obtainable via machine installation have become an important factor during the past few years.

Manual vs Machine – simply no contest with ACP Hardstand Solutions.

With manual installation, it can be difficult to maintain exact joint widths. Some operatives will lay the blocks loose and others tight, making it difficult to control pavement directions. A 10,000m² project would typically take five qualified paviours 40 days to complete.

Using our industry-leading PROBST paving machines, the same paviours can complete the same project in around 9 days, saving 31 days downtime, labour and cost! Manual installation, carrying with it the inherent risk of physical injury or strain, is restricted to just a few square metres per day, and confined to edge detailing and areas where using machinery is difficult or impossible.

The benefits of ACP Hardstand Solutions machine-laid paving are:

*   Project management is systematic and efficient

*   A proficient, highly trained and experienced team is employed

*   The right specialised laying machines & techniques are selected

For more information on ACP Hardstand Solutions benefits contact Ian Carswell, National Sales & Marketing Manager on 0433 190 436